Episode 46 – Tips for a 22 scopes


Canadian Rangers Rifle

Main Topic: Any Mapleseed/AppIeseed course is really going to test the limits of your rifle, scope and magazines. Think of it as the extreme rimfire torture test! And it was just that as we discovered.

We noticed at the Mapleseed shoot, that over a 1/4 of the shooter had the scopes shoot loose and one catastrophic failure of a Tasco scope…….just saying!

Just a reminder that rings and mount are usually shipped with some type of oil based rust inhibitor. Though it may not be readily visible, it must be thoroughly removed before installing any locking surfaces…..screws,bases or threads. I usually use brake cleaner and and q-tip to clean and degrease A little loctite or nail polish will help to keeps your screws in place.

But when you buy a low cost scope package, they often include budget rings. If you are planning to give your rifle some hard use, we would suggest investing in some quality rings as part of your setup.

Personally, am not a fan of grooved receivers. Sooner or later the mounts slide loose; usually front to back, more so on a softer aluminum receiver. If your gun is not already drilled and tapped, get it drilled and tapped for a picatinny rail.  The Savage 64 is now drilled and tapped from the factory, but the Marlin 795 is not.

If getting your receiver drilled and tapped is not possible. There are scope base adaptors available for grooved receiver, but there is not large selection on the market.  Find the longest one you can, for the best eye relief. Also your height over bore will increase due to the size of some of these bases. You may have to use lower rings or increase you comb height for a proper sight picture.
Ok and l fully admit that out of desperation once……maybe twice by mistake, l bought a NC Star grooved rail. Avoid the NC Star versions if possible. The metal is very soft and it strips very easily if much force is applied. Yeah l stripped it! And the NC Star rings l bought once by mistake? Yup stripped those suckers also!

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