Episode 150 Cerakote with Dean from Select Shooting Supplies

Dean from Select Shooting Supplies joins us to talk about their Cerakote business and everything you need to know about making your gun look pretty.

Zahal (Benny’s Link) – http://www.zahal.org/?a=404064

Select Shooting Supplies – https://selectshootingsupplies.com/

High Power Videos – https://youtu.be/fF7_cBJRS8Y and https://youtu.be/2D7-wYlqgA0

Select Shooting Supplies Cerakoat – https://selectshootingsupplies.com/collections/kg-coatings-1200-series

Cerakote Website – https://www.cerakoteguncoatings.com/

Check out our website for pictures of our main topic and guns we talk about www.newshootercanada.ca

Thomas’s Rifle

Dean’s Fab Defense Kpos

Canuck High Power


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Show Music: I like Guns by Steve Lee

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