Episode 153 A New Shooter in IPSC

Tom takes over the show this week as everyone is slacking off and brings on Thomas (Mr. Uzi) as a guest host and interviews Sylvia, a new shooter and IPSC competitor.

Ammo back – https://m.facebook.com/AmmobackSTING/

Blog post about pellet guns being firearms – https://plourdelaw.ca/r-v-dunn-why-it-is-a-good-thing-that-airguns-are-firearms-in-ontario/

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Pumpkin Shoot – https://www.facebook.com/events/124234511639920/?ti=as

CFI Range Officer Course –
Date:  October 28th, 2017
Location:  2300 Cumberland Rd, Cumberland Beach, ON, L0K 1G0
Start Time:  9:00 am sharp
End Time:   4:00pm (ish)




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