Episode 31 – Control Feed vs Push Feed





Winchester RECALL

Video: https://youtu.be/bsDfBmLqnio

Winchester Repeating Arms is issuing a recall on select models of SXP — aka Super X Pump — shotguns with 3.5-inch chambers. The potential issue is extremely dangerous and can lead to shotguns discharging on closing the action. If you have one of these Winchester SXP shotguns you should immediately stop using it and contact Winchester

The following 3.5-inch 12-gauge Winchester SXP shotguns may be affected: the 26- and 28-inch SXP Waterfoul Hunter, the 26- and 28-inch SXP Black Shadow, the 24-inch SXP Turkey Hunter and the 24-inch SXP Long Beard

If you think your shotgun might be fall under this recall and even if you’re just not sure and want to talk with someone at Winchester to be certain, call 800-945-5372 or email sxp@winchesterguns.com. Winchester has not disclosed the nature of the issue, which is common, so assume that your gun is potentially affected until you confirm otherwise.


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