Episode 27 – NO MORE Long gun registry in Quebec and Post Appleseed


Bancroft ON July 25 and 26


Event fee: 60$

Range Fee: 10$/day





8 spots left last time I talked to Stacy. Let’s get it sold out and show them yanks we’re serious about training and guns up here as well. Pew pew pew!!



SASS Powerfactor

The minimum standard for center-fire smokeless ammunition used in all SASS matches State, Regional, National, International, and World Championship Competitions is not less than a minimum power factor of 60 and no velocity may be less than 400 fps. The maximum velocity standard for revolvers is 1000 fps. The maximum velocity standard for rifles is 1400 fps. Pocket pistols, derringers, and long-range rifles are exempt from the power factor and velocity requirements. Power factors are simply calculated by multiplying the bullet weight times the velocity and then the resulting number is divided by 1000.


Some examples are as follows: 100 gr bullet traveling at 600 fps has a power factor of 60: (100×600)/1000=60.00 77 gr bullet traveling at 800 fps has a power factor of 61.6 (77×800)/1000=61.60 200 gr bullet traveling at 400 fps has a power factor of 80 (200×400)/1000=80.00


Show Music: I like Guns by Steve Lee