Pistol Shooting. Episode 5 – Sight picture, Trigger Control, Looking at the front sight.

This episode I talk about my experience so far at the range shooting my pistols and some things I’ve learned through trial and error and from listening to other podcasts and from my ATT club level course I had to take.

Trigger Control.

Being left eye dominate and right handed I shoot my rifle left handed and my pistols right handed. What I was finding was my rifle was always grouping to the right. Once I started shooting my pistols I found it grouping to the left. After some thinking and analysing I moved my finger on the trigger from being behind the first knuckle to using my finger tip and the groups centered up nicely.


Sight Picture/Looking at the front sight:

Its not just as simple as “looking” at your front sight but you need to focus on the front sight and let the target go blurry. By doing this your sight’s stay aligned and you are much more aware of them.

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