Episode 146 – Leeeeeever ( Lever ) Action .22’s

This week Mike is off shooting IDPA so George is pulled from retirement and taking over editing duties…. I blame Thomas 😉 So here’s the links for the things discussed on the show.



Ruger Precision Rifles (regardless of caliber) that have an aluminum bolt shroud and fall within the following serial number ranges are potentially affected: 1800-26274 to 1800-78345 or 1801-00506 to 1801-30461.

Description of Issue
-Some Ruger Precision Rifles may experience interference between the aluminum bolt shroud and the cocking piece (also known as the firing pin back). In rare instances, the interference can disrupt the firing mechanism and cause it to not function properly.


Possible results of this interference are light primer strikes or, in extreme cases, the rifle may not fire when the trigger is pulled. If the rifle fails to fire when the trigger is pulled, it may fire when the bolt handle is subsequently lifted. In rifles where this condition exists, it often resolves itself as the parts wear and the interference is reduced.





Quote of the day-****guess who***

Buying scopes from the US is a pain. Due to ITAR and a few other export controls, it can be difficult or costly to import scopes into Canada, so it’s best to go direct with a Canadian supplier. Here are some of the suppliers I’ve used as well as some of the suppliers who are well known for some rifle scope brands. Note, I’ve only picked companies whose websites are passably OK,”and I don’t count Tasco as real scopes”