Welcome to the New Shooter Canada Podcast!

A bit about myself I suppose, well my name is George and I myself am new to the shooting community. My goal is to create a library of podcasts that new shooters can go back through and listen to as they begin their journey in this great and rewarding sport.

Being new myself I have found that a lot of the podcasts out right now have a certain assumption of listener experience and understanding and over the past 12 months I have googled and youtube’d a great many things trying to learn and understand what they are talking about. My goal is to create a one stop shop for information.

That was writen back in 2012 when the show first started and although I have added experience and new hosts to the show I feel it is still very much true.

As I continue to learn I will be sharing my experiences with you the listener through the podcast. I also encourage you to email in any question you may have to host@newshootercanada.ca. If I don’t know the answer I will search out the great vast internet for the answer and we will learn together.

You can also find us on facebook New Shooter Canada

Thanks for stopping by and keep your barrel down range and smoking.